Week 6 – Slaying the Giants

This week we went to the Israel Museum, which has lots of interesting artifacts from the Holy Land.


This is a heel bone with a nail through it from the same time period as Jesus. This shows a possible method of crucifixion in those days.


Underneath this dome is an exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls


I know you can’t tell from this pic, but this is a mini model of Jerusalem from the time of Herod



After walking through the museum, we walked around West Jerusalem.


Walking through West Jerusalem


We took a picture at this Ethiopian restaurant we were going to eat at but then we couldn’t agree with the owners on a price for food so we ate somewhere else haha


We stood by this sign for an hour while we waited for a van to come pick us up haha


Our field trip on Monday was the Shephelah field trip, where we visited many sites relating to David.


In the valley where Samson would have lived



We went to Lachish, one of the sites that the Assyrians came and conquered.


We tried to signal to our other class across the valley using mirrors. Didn’t really work but it was a good try.



I love their faces haha







My favorite part of this field trip was all the caves we saw.


They raised doves in these caves, probably for the poor to sacrifice at the temple.




Oh hey Jessica



An ancient olive press in a cave


Tombs in caves



Heading into the most beautiful cave ever


We sang in here and it was beautiful



Look at all those bats!


We visited sites near where David would have come to fight Goliath. We even picked stones from the riverbed where David would have come to select his 5 smooth stones and we tried out our slinging skills.



Brb on our way to slay the giants


Gotta find the perfect smooth stones




Pot sherds for dayzzz




Annalisa always improves the view


Checking out a sun dial



Other things that happened this week included General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was interesting to watch it here because we are so far ahead of time that watching the morning session (broadcast at 10 AM MDT) plays here at 7 PM and the afternoon session starts at 11 PM and goes until 1 AM. Of course, we weren’t required to watch the afternoon session but a few of us stayed up to watch at least a couple of speakers. We watched re-broadcasted sessions on the Sabbath this week to get all the Conference talks. This was such a good Conference! Check out these talks for real: https://www.lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng


Getting ready for Conference


This week we had a forum address by a woman named Bana Husseini. She told us about her experience growing up in Palestine and it was one of the first times I was exposed to the Palestinian side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What I’m learning is that there are two sides to every conflict. It’s interesting to hear it directly from these people.

As far as in-Center activities go, I’ve started to love playing volleyball. I play at least a couple times a week. It’s a good break from studying and many friends of mine like to play too.

This week in Hebrew, we had a midterm and afterwards our teacher, Mrs. Goldman, told us all about her ancestors who were in the Holocaust, including many who were killed in Auschwitz. She shared these stories in preparation for our field trip to Yad Vashem (the Israeli Holocaust museum) next week.

This week we also had Israeli folk dancing, which was so much fun! They taught us the “Rich Man” dance move that Tevye does in Fiddler on the Roof and I lovveeee that move so I was very happy about it.

I have a group of friends that I play games with at least once a week and we have lots of fun. This past week, after we played games, this golden moment happened so I just figured I would share this for your viewing pleasure.

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