Week 8 – Snorkels, Shepherds, and Secret Tunnels

Wow this week was absolutely incredible! We had 3 excursions: 2 field trips and 1 fun free day.

Our first excursion was our free day. We drove 4 hours south to Eilat, where we swam and snorkeled in the Red Sea. It was an absolute blast! The water was sooo blue and clear and beautiful. So many fun things to look at in the coral. Credit for the pictures in the water goes to Madison’s waterproof camera.




Ready to snorkel!







Heather, where’s your head? XD


We tried to jump out of the water with nothing to jump off of. This was the best we could do.



My goggles were maybe on a little too tight #noregrets


Sooo glad we were able to go to Eilat. We liked it EILAT! Haha get it?

The next day, we went to Neot Kedumim, which was kind of like a farm and was made so that people could understand the Bible better by coming to know the crops, animals, and lifestyle mentioned in it. We herded sheep, tried fruit from various trees and vines as they naturally grew, sat around a cistern, made lunch on a fire (lentil soup, pita, fried grains, and herbal tea), and learned about Jewish scribes who copied the Torah.




Herding the sheep



Walking through the hay



I believe this is a fig palm


Grape leaves. These grapes were tasty.


Pomegranate tree


Jessica grinding wheat



Look, a real chameleon!


Working on our pita-making skills


Our lunch cooking on the fire


So beautiful


Learning about Torah scribes and scrolls




Neot Kedumim was a fun time. Tuesday was our last class for Palestine and after class, Jessica had Bashir take the Sorting Quiz. He got Gryffindor. So perfect.



On Wednesday, we had a field trip to the City of David. This City of David is not referencing Christ’s birth (which was Bethlehem because that’s where David was born I think) but is the city that David built when he moved the capital to Jerusalem. We hiked Hezekiah’s tunnel, which was really one of the best things we’ve done in Jerusalem. I can’t wait to do it again. We also saw the Pool of Siloam, where Jesus healed a man born blind.


Walking to the City of David


Loving Hezekiah’s Tunnel




The Pool of Siloam from Jesus’s time


Leading up to King David’s palace




It was a fun morning walking through the City of David. That afternoon, we had our last Hebrew class. So sad! I loved Hebrew. We learned the entire Hebrew alphabet (aleph bet) and a few helpful phrases. On our last day, we talked about some Jewish customs and reviewed all the Hebrew songs we learned, including Hava Nagila, which they sing at weddings while lifting the bride and groom on chairs. The last video is of Mrs. Goldman teaching everyone how to do the wedding dance.


Mrs. Goldman showing us Jewish items relating to Shabbat (the Sabbath)




What you don’t know is that I’m hiding the take home final behind my back




In other news, this week in Old Testament class we saw a beautiful rainbow outside.




This week I also went to a Jewish synagogue service, led by our Israel professor, Ophir. I loved it! I couldn’t keep up with all the Hebrew (I didn’t learn that much) but the members of the congregation had beautiful singing voices and made the service a great experience.

It’s been an amazing week for sure! This was one of those weeks when I am so totally in love with the world. History is pretty cool. Culture is awe-inspiring. The world is beautiful. Life is good 🙂


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